Winsul8 Technology. Products.

We designed and built our new Winsul8 system around a central GFRC thermal core with common component parts, which allows us to easily produce matching products. Winsul8 Technology is available in a range of bi-folds, sliders, doors & flush casement windows.

Winsul8 Technology product range at a glance ...

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Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors available as top rolling, bottom rolling or both. These options allow us to install bi-folds where the structural support(s) are.

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Sliding Doors (multi-panels)

Un-compromised thermal performance with stunning aesthetics (large glass panels and slim frames), and available in multiple configurations.

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Corner Doors

With corner doors you can create a truly unobstructed seamless transition between interior and exterior spaces at the corner of a building.

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French Doors / Residential Doors

Ideal if you are looking to match another larger door, this gives you a complimentary matching profile and keeps the design flowing throughout your home.

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Flush Casement Windows

Flush faced aluminium casement windows offer fantastic thermal performance and ultra modern style to any home.

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Bi-fold Windows

Bi-fold windows give a real WOW factor for any home (or business) and offer real functionality; used as a Servery or Bar etc.


Available products

Bi-fold, Sliding, Corner, Residential & French Doors, Bi-fold & Flush Casement Windows. Side lites etc.


Material options

Aluminium (Flush), Aluminium / Glass, Aluminium / Timber, Flush Glass / Glass, Timber / Glass, Hardwood Timber


mm - sight line

Slimmer sight lines, now 110mm viewable across; profile + 5mm gasket + profile.


mm systems

Both WInsul8 systems are a traditional 70mm front to back (deep) dimension.